Career changes for nurses are incredibly common. After all, working as a nurse is often physically and mentally draining.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that more nurses are looking for alternatives that allow them to have better flexibility, and that are less exhausting.

In addition, nurses have skills and knowledge that can be useful in other careers. Therefore, there are plenty of career changes for nurses to be considered.

In fact, with our ageing and growing population, combined with advances in technology, comes the opportunity for nurse jobs to involve much more than a hospital setting.

As such, when it comes to nurse jobs, you don’t have to be a shift-worker in a hospital.

Furthermore, a number of these positions actually allow you to work from home. That way, you can consider a number of options to utilise your invaluable nursing knowledge and experience.

A number of nurses have made rewarding and successful career changes for nurses. With my simple guide to, so can you.

Therefore, to help you get started I’ve researched hundreds of career changes for nurses, and shortlisted the best ones below.

Below is my Comprehensive Guide To The 8 Popular Career Changes for Nurses!

Introduction to Career Changes for Nurses

Undoubtedly, nurses are incredible people. It takes someone special to dedicate their career to providing the level of care and attention that they do to their patients. As such, when considering alternate career paths for registered nurses, there are a number of different options that incorporate both the skills and knowledge they’ve obtained, combined with their unconditional care of others.

Often when it comes to Career Changes for Nurses, the most common paths are outside of the hospital. In fact, a popular career choice for many nurses is one that allows them to work from home, or choose their own hours. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a career change, you’re not alone!

In fact, roughly half of all employed people have been in their role for 18 months or less. Incredible!

We’ve quickly adapted from being in the same job for our entire career.

People changing jobs

As someone who already has a great deal of healthcare background, career changes for nurses certainly are plentiful. Therefore, you would have some great foundation knowledge to transition into a role outside of a clinical or hospital setting.

8 Popular Career Changes for Nurses

Getting started with Popular Career Changes for Nurses

When it comes to career changes for nurses, very few of them provide the flexibility of Medical Transcription. In fact, this online occupation is focused around providing a rewarding career. As such, Medical Transcription is a role where you can also:

From my research, I know that a career in Medical Transcription offers a flexible, rewarding at-home career change for nurses. Furthermore, there are a number of career progression available that would be great for a previous nurse to progress through.

What you need for the Best Career Change for Nurses

Because the majority of professional Medical Transcriptionists are able to work unsupervised from home, many employers require you to have;

Therefore, even nurses looking to begin a career in Medical Transcription require training before they are able to begin working from home.

To help you get started, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription teaches you the relevant skills and knowledge needed to work as a Medical Transcriptionist, and transition from your nursing career.

How to Transition with Your Own Career Change

Understandably, making a career change is quite a significant move. Therefore, I have researched a number of roles specifically for career changes for nurses. However, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Medical Transcription is the best option, as you can work from home and choose your own hours.

As such, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription provides you with necessary skills and knowledge needed by professional Medical Transcriptionists. Even if you do have a healthcare or nursing background, you can simply fast-track your studies. In fact, the Certificate of Medical Transcription is designed to be completed in as little as 4 months.

In addition, many leading recruiters turn to LearnMT’s graduate pool when looking for work-from-home transcriptionists.

Furthermore, LearnMT graduates also receive support and guidance from the dedicated Job Placement Assistance Team. In fact, many LearnMT graduates are able to start working from home within days of course completion. Therefore, it is the perfect option for any nurses looking for a career change. In addition, it could be a great job that you could do on the side.

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