Medical Transcription Course

Begin your career as a Medical Transcriptionist. This course has been developed with involvement from industry. It provides you with the education and skills needed to become a medical transcriptionist. Study at home to work at home as an online medical transcriptionist with LearnMT’s Medical Transcription Course.

Medical transcription is mostly an online occupation giving you a real opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home. A Medical Transcriptionist types the dictated notes from a doctor into written text. This then forms part of the patient’s medical record. Most doctors are now outsourcing these services to professional typists, therefore, there has never been a better time to become a medical transcriptionist.

 Choose LearnMT for the quality education and industry expertise you need to succeed.

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Expert-Created Curriculum

LearnMT’s Medical Transcription Course includes both theory and real-world practical transcription training. The Medical Transcription Course is designed by the experts at TalentMed, and will best prepare you for a smooth and successful transition into the workforce as soon as you graduate.

  • 6-month online program

  • Industry-endorsed training

  • Unlimited student support

    • Job placement assistance included

    • Expert-created curriculum

    • Theory and practical transcription training

    Course Curriculum
    Course Introduction
    Evolution of the medical record
    Healthcare documentation and the law
    Establishing your working environment
    Maintain and enhance professional practice
    Grammar, punctuation and style
    Medical language
    Body systems
    Diagnostic specialities and reports
    Introduction to practical transcription
    Introduction to speech recognition technology
    Practical transcription training

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    Annie Laughton
    Annie Laughton
    07:39 23 Aug 19
    This course is so very interesting and challenging. I love how the Learn MT team are always there to help if needed. Looking forward to stepping out into my new career next year when I finish my course.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can enrol in the medical transcription course online at anytime, 365 days a year. Alternatively, contact us via Once enrolled, you can access TalentHub (your virtual campus) immediately where you can view and also participate in student forums, publications and resources. In addition, your course login details will be issued within 1-2 business days.
    LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription is delivered entirely online so you can progress through your studies at a time and place that best suits you. The duration of the course is 4 months, however you have 6 months to complete it at your own pace. You can also purchase a course extension if you need more time.
    At LearnMT, we’re with you every step of the way with support resources that include:
    • Qualified instructors with decades of experience in the Healthcare industry. As such, these instructors have professional experience in both vocational education and healthcare documentation, therefore, making them uniquely qualified to answer questions about both the curriculum and the industry.
    • Student Support Advisers who provide valuable information and also assistance with any issues during your coursework. The course may be delivered online, however, you’re never in it alone!
    • Technical Support Advisers who are knowledgeable, experienced, and also available five days a week to help you work through any technical or computer issues encountered within the course.
    • Graduate Advisers who help you develop your career plans in an individual consultation and also assist you in your job search after you graduate. Our Graduate Advisers also offer training, tips, and personalised advice on your job hunt.
    A Medical Transcriptionist plays an integral role in the Global Healthcare Documentation System. They are therefore primarily responsible for the conversion of a doctor’s dictation in to an electronic format that subsequently becomes part of the patient’s medical record. As our population expands and ages, the demand for medical transcription services also increases. The U.S. Department of Labour report estimates:
    • 11,700 new jobs before 2018 (in the U.S. alone)
    • 11% increase in employment within the medical transcription industry
    • Above average job opportunities as the demand for medical transcription services increases

    Medical Transcription Salary (Australia)


    LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription is delivered in British English (equivalent to Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and other commonwealth countries).

    If, for any reason, you withdraw from the medical transcription course within 14 days after submitting your enrolment order, your course tuition fees will be 100% refundable, however, this is less a $110.00 administrative fee.

    Requests for refunds are to be submitted via email to, however, refunds will be reversed to the original payment method. In addition, refunds will be processed within 14 days of the request.

    If for any reason, you withdraw after the initial 14-day cooling off period, the cost of the tuition fees and materials are non-refundable.

    Course deferments are not allowed, however, course extensions can be requested if you require more time to complete your course. All students are eligible to purchase 12 months of extension time. All extensions are charged at $75 per month. Extension charges may be subject to change without any notice. Fees paid for course extensions are non-refundable in any circumstances.

    Yes! LearnMT’s medical transcription course is fully compatible with Apple computers, therefore you may certainly use your Apple Computer!

    While alternative medical transcription schools and colleges tend to use old technology that only works on Microsoft Windows using outdated browsers like Internet Explorer, LearnMT’s course is fully compatible with Apple, Google and Microsoft-based computers. For a full list of system requirements, please see below.

    As the course is delivered online, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and also a passion to learn about the medical transcription industry! However, for a full list of specifications, please see below:

    Operating System

    • Microsoft Windows

    • MacOS

    • Chrome OS


    • Google Chrome (recommended)

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Firefox

    • Safari


    • Speakers (Earphones/headphones recommended)

    • Active internet connection


    • Adobe Flash Player (included in Google Chrome)

    • Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)

    Most computers do come with these specifications. However, if you’re unsure about any of the requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us via

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